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Our X-CSP is becoming the reference tool for enterprises to manage their M2M/IoT connectivity

Companies love it because:

  • It helps them to skyrocket their understanding of how they use connectivity.
  • It enables and empowers new business and operational models.
  • It makes them more efficient.
  • It is incredibly easy to use!

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Our X-CSP is the easiest way to manage your M2M SIMs & Devices

Whether you have 100s or 1000s of SIM cards, X-CSP offers powerful administration tools to access and manage each individual or batches of SIMs or devices from a central location.

X-CSP is integrated with X-BRAiN seamlessly, so it is the perfect solution to help businesses achieve operations digitisation, drive value of data, improve management efficiency, support operations transparency, and significantly increase business productivity by using IoT influence and soon 5G in a One-stop shop approach.

    • Effective administration of SIM Cards, tariffs, usage, attributes and many other features.
    • X-CSP enables IoT providers to control the way they sell connectivity to their customers or invoice it internally in large co-operations.
    • Manages the way your customers use the embedded connectivity.

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All your IoT SIM cards are made available in X-CSP platform to provide you with all information that is relevant to your IoT SIM cards:

  • How much data a given IoT SIM card is currently using.
  • What M2M Tariff is actually applied.
  • In which device your IoT SIM card is mounted and where the device is located.
  • The actual SIM status: active / non-active in the network and Billing status.

A single click and you get a view of all relevant details related to your IoT SIM cards.


X-CSP helps you to mirror your organisation’s setup and allocate IoT SIM cards to the respective departments where those are used. A sophisticated access control system in X-CSP ensures that every organisation can only see its own SIM cards.

X-CSP can mirror your organisation’s appearance and sensation.


Your Needs

When a company sells a product that is “connected”, the needs of all different organisations that are involved in the value chain must be covered:

  • Product Design,
  • Product Management,
  • Production,
  • Systems’ Integration,
  • Logistics,
  • Installation,
  • Maintenance,
  • Billing and much more.

Each department has its own needs related to information-flow and business processes.

X-CSP makes it possible to split the responsibilities between different organisations who execute all these activities.

Products are designed and planned in-house, built by external organisations, distributed through partners, and maintained by local service providers.
With our next generation SIM-Management Portal, it is now possible to freely define Organisational Units, Customers, and Users. Consequently, it is possible to administrate Organisation and User rights, in consonance with the activities that each party involved in the Value Chain, need to be able to execute. This applies for both “people” in different organisations and “automated business processes” potentially hosted by IT Systems, which are also in different organisations.

The perfect solution for your business with REST API’s

Our X-CSP Service Management Portal is a Web GUI running in the CLOUD. Customers can however opt to have their own instance in their private Cloud.
X-CSP is multi-tenant capable. Customers can administrate their X-CITE M2M SIM Cards and Services by themselves. Furthermore, a powerful User Management System makes it possible to define Branches, Departments, Groups, Customers, Partners, etc.
The system, at the highest level, reflects the relationship between X-CITE and their Customers. Each customer can define further levels, in which its relationship with others can be defined and managed. The Customer can then assign SIM-Cards to those subsequent levels. Organisations at those lower levels can themselves control their relationship with the following levels.
Details about the SIM Cards, Rules for assigning IP-Addresses, Usage Profiles, Security Settings, Tariffs, the Information about the usage and consumption, Device Management Functions or Notifications, etc, can all be individually defined and administrated, from a large group of SIM Cards to a single one.
For the purpose of integrating X-CSP in an existing System in your organisation’s IT environment, all functions are available via REST APIs, based on a dedicated project.

Multiple Rating Models

With our Online Usage Controller (OUC) we support all important rating models such as:

  • Network based Tariffs, with a dedicated price per mobile network.
  • Zone based Tariffs, with a unified price for all networks in a geographic area/zone.
  • Usage control for pre- and post-paid sessions.
  • Pro-Rating, where the active Tariff will be applied to rate events.
  • Retro-Rating, where the most recent Tariff is used for all events in the Billing Cycle.
  • Pooling of SIM Cards on Flexible Pools for post-paid plans, Static Pools for pre- and post-paid models.
  • Support for multi-IMSI and eSIM models.
  • Split billing based on APNs.
  • Revenue, Profit, and Sales commission models for the Re-seller.


M2M Billing

We support multiple Billing requests

  • Billing as a Service: If you have an existing contract with a mobile operator for IoT Connectivity, but the operator cannot provide invoices for the customer’s client, Esplendor Industries processes the call-detail-records (CDRs) and split the operator bill to your clients.
  • Esplendor Industries has a direct billing relationship with B2B clients for the provision of IoT Connectivity.
  • We enable our customers to create their own invoice for their clients.
  • The Re-seller of IoT Connectivity for Consumers benefits from commission payments paid by Esplendor Industry. In this case Esplendor Industries acts as IoT Connectivity provider towards the consumer.

Global Payments

  • Paper and electronic invoices
  • SEPA
  • Credit Cards
  • Direct Debit

Full control of your cards and traffic

X-CITE is one of the first Telecommunication Providers to offer a Cloud-based Content Filter Technology platform, which can control and protect the Dataflow of each individual SIM Card, based on individual rules that can be administered by a single SIM Card or a large group of them.

Controlling the Dataflow between the device and the back-end infrastructure can be of vital importance for M2M and IoT. At this point one must set the Web and the Internet apart from each other. M2M and IoT applications use the Internet as an IP Network. In many cases, the potential access to millions of Websites is not appreciated. The same can be applicable to Mobile Corporate Applications. Allowing devices to have unlimited access to the Internet can go from not appreciated to representing a high potential risk in terms of system’s integrity and cost.


X-CSP Control is a Content Filter Technology, which can be individually activated and configured for each SIM Card. It can be used with each X-CITE SIM Card without any additional cost.
White- or Black-Lists with Access Addresses will control the Dataflow for each SIM Card. One or several lists can be assigned to each SIM-Card or Group of SIM Cards.

When developing an IoT solution or service, it is of essence that the actual Dataflows can be monitored and analysed. With X-CSP.Control you can monitor the dataflow on both sides of the Content Filter: this way you can check what the device is trying to access and what it is actually allowed to access. X-CSP.Control will provide you with access reports, and then you can better understand the behaviour of your device during the development phase. This is especially useful when having third party components in your solutions, which can otherwise escape your control when accessing the Internet.

X-CSP.Control will also allow you to differentiate the volume of data that corresponds to each one of the Lists you define. With this information you will be able to view which applications are consuming how much data, and eventually apply individual charges for the usage of one or several applications.


Basic Concept and Use-Cases

Fundamentally, White- or Black-Lists with Internet Addresses are assigned to SIM cards. Through this assignment, you will set the rules about what the device can do when it comes to access the Internet via Mobile Networks. One or several lists can be assigned to the SIM-Cards. In this way, you can define different combinations of lists depending on which combinations of services a device is supposed to be able to execute.


Let’s suppose a Telematics Service Provider distributes a solution which consists of Hardware, Software, and SIM Cards. The device has a pre-defined amount of data that can be consumed in any country Worldwide. Obviously, an unlimited access to services such as Spotify, YouTube, Google Maps, and others would consume the Data-budget very quickly and eventually lead to very high costs. Therefore, misuse of the SIM Card needs to be prevented.

By applying a White-List, the Telematics Service Provider can be sure that while using a X-CITE SIM-Card, clients only have access to the addresses that are relevant for the system to work with. Any other traffic will be blocked. Data will be available for its legitimate purpose and high costs will be avoided.

If the Telematics Service Provider wants to add new functions that require access to other addresses, a new List can be easily defined and assigned to SIM-Cards, which will be installed in devices that are allowed to use those functions. As easy as that.

Black Lists

Let’s suppose a provider of Self-Service Terminals offers an Internet Access to its customers. However, pages that are not suitable for all users (gaming, adult, illegal content channels) should be blocked.

X-CITE provides ready-and-maintained Black-Lists, classified according to different categories, which can also be assigned to a single SIM-Card or a Group of them. All traffic related to the unwanted content will be blocked.

Through the centralised administration and management of the White- or Black-Lists, a huge benefit is gained. To rollout a change, it is neither necessary to modify parameters on each device, nor to wait for each individual device to be switched on and/or to be online, or even to execute on-site maintenance tasks. Instead, a change is applied to a List in X-CSP. Control and the change will be applied to all devices immediately.

M2M Connectivity Management Software


It’s a fact that customers using IoT based solution have addressed different requirements and solved many of their problems, over the years, by having had to partner with different providers of M2M Connectivity services. This was often necessary to be agile, market-oriented, and competitive. In other words, many customers have now deployed SIMs on-the-field, which come from multiple operators.


  • You have to use different SIM management portals to handle your SIM Cards.
  • You have to integrate your automated functions to different APIs.
  • It is difficult to gain a consolidated insight of how your SIMs are used.
  • National roaming is often not available.

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Bring your SIM cards on X-CSP, X-CITE’s SIM management portal!

Esplendor X-CSP, the most advanced SIM Management tool for Telematics available, has been built to support all the critical needs of IoT customers. That’s why, we have made it Multi-Operator capable.

What does this mean in practice? X-CSP can be easily integrated into any Network Operator. Once this is done, you can import the data from your SIM cards. In X-CSP, you can then handle all your SIM Cards from different operators seamlessly.

Performing critical tasks across your entire, multi-operator installed base of SIMs from a centralised platform will dramatically improve the way you operate a key part of your business. You will be able to perform most or all of the following tasks:

  • Deep analysis of your Data consumption patterns across your entire installed base and reports generation.
  • Central notification centre to report the consumption of your SIM cards.
  • Manage how your entire installed base is distributed across partners, customers, local organisations, etc.
  • SIM Management tasks such as activation, suspension, etc.*
  • Centralised Management of Users and Roles.
  • Manage not only your SIMs but also your devices.
  • Manage locations where your SIM Cards are installed.

(*) Subject to your agreements with the network operator